A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

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Walking College View on our weekly walk through Denver’s 78 neighborhoods challenged the categorization of our brains. Just when we thought College View had homes from the 1970s, we’d see an old ranch with a few horse stalls, a Habitat for Humanity village, or a few new builds. We’d round the corner of small, plain, single-family homes from the 60s and then stumble upon two estates sharing a   driveway. To top it off, we came across a 3-acre iris field and a Buddhist Temple. Huh? Here’s the write-up of our 3.5-mile College View urban hiking adventure.

Not a Lot of Fancy Here

college view urban hiking eatwalklearn

The neighborhood’s shape is basically a long, vertical rectangle with an eastern arm and a southern dip. Stretching from Federal to Jewell to Raritan, ducking into Evans, down to Zuni and to Dartmouth, the fringes of College View house small auto shops, a Walmart, and a few tiny taco stands. Its inside makes up a mishmash of homes, bisected by the Harvard Gulch Trail running to the Platte River.

Iris Bob Colors the Place

college view urban hiking eatwalklearn

And then we turned the corner and stumbled upon 3 acres of soon-to-be bearded irises. Iris Bob, proud owner of Iris4U, cultivates tall bearded irises and has approximately 10,000 seedlings under evaluation at any given time from previous years to current seedlings. Although not quite blooming when we walked by, Bob expects an early bloom this year if the weather keeps its warmth. So, plan your Mother’s Day outing to Iris4U’s fields for a gorgeous explosion of color, and buy your mom a bearded iris. If you walk by before they bloom, you can see PVC pipe sticking up with the names of the forthcoming bloomers; Vanilla Berry, Taking Chances, and my favorite, Poem of Ecstasy.


college view eatwalklearn urban hiking

Having reached the southern end of the neighborhood, we headed back north on Zuni. But soon, we saw peeking out to our left, a big yellow and red structure. We detoured and the Vietnamese Buddhist rewarded us with a colorful temple right in the middle of the neighborhood. Two watch cats greeted our hellos.

The route:

college view eatwalklearn urban hiking

Start at Asbury-Tejon Park (closest address is 2045 W Pacific Place, Denver). Head west, crossing S Vallejo and turning north. At Ashbury, turn left (west) to Zuni, head south. After crossing Zuni, take a right on the south side of W Evans Ave.

Walk two blocks. Turn left on S Clay St, passing the District 4 Denver Cop Shop. Turn right on W Warren St, and continue south on Decatur.

Pass the College View Elementary on the right and the Habitat Village on the left. At Harvard Gulch, turn left and amble along the gulch. At the next intersection, leave the gulch and turn south on S Clay Street for one block. Turn right (west) on W Water St, doubling back to Decatur.

Turn left on W Amherst, making sure to walk on the south side of the street. You’ll soon pass Iris4U. After admiring the irises, continue east then turn north on S Bryant St. Notice the three brand new homes on the left. Turn right on W Yale St and then head north (left) on Zuni.

At W Iliff, take a detour to the west for a half a block to see the Buddhist Temple. When finished there, turn back to Zuni and head north.

Cross Evans, then turn right on Ashbury, right on Vallejo, and then left on Pacific, returning back to your start.

Click here to see the route, map, and turn by turn directions.