Platt Park and Rosedale,
Home to the Town of South Denver

Sitting in the shadow of Washington Park to its north are two cute neighborhoods with a common history: the now defunct Town of South Denver. They also make up a great canvas for a good 3.5 mile walk.

The Case of the Missing “e”

Let’s first start with the story of the missing “e”. One of Platt’s famous residents was Colonel James Platt, founder of Platt Paper. No one is sure, though, if Platt Park and its neighborhood were named after this famous South Denver resident, or if the neighborhood was actually named after the Platte River, and the “e” was just simply forgotten in the platting of the park. It’s a mystery that will probably never solve.

Beautiful Libraries and Parks!

Platt Park stretches from I-25 to the north, Broadway to the west, Evans Avenue to the east, and Mississippi Avenue to the south. Originally part of the Town of South Denver and home to South Denver’s mayor, James Fleming, Platt Park’s heartbeat is that of James Fleming’s original homestead at the corner of Grant and Florida. Once an orchard called Fleming’s Grove, but is now called Grant Park. It contains Decker Library, which was built with original Carnegie funds in 1913. Grant Park invites you to relax under large Ash and Oak trees.

Home to 17000 Children!

South of Platt Park lies Rosedale which continues south past Evans to Yale with the same east-west boundaries as Platt Park. Whereas Platt Park homes the famous Pearl Street and its fun farmers’ market and Mayu Mediation Co-op,  Rosedale’s history revolves around Denver pioneer, Thomas M Field. Farming over 80 acres and building a mansion on Illiff and Clarkson, Field passed away shortly after moving into his home. His wife followed him a few years later. The home became an orphanage from 1902 to 1971, taking care of almost 17000 children during its operation.

To the south of Harvard Gulch, Henry Porter opened a sanitarium in Rosedale, with the goal of providing whole health relief for TB patients. The hospital remains open as the Porter Adventist Hospital.

In the meantime, Harvard Gulch continues to manage stormwater runoff through this area while also providing a small golf course and walking paths through nice forests and gardens in and around Harvard Gulch.

The Route:

Start at 1500 S Grant St. Enjoy the Fleming Mansion and the historic rec center at the SW corner of Florida and Grant. Go south on S Grant St. Take a right on E Iowa Ave. Take a right on S Sherman St.

Go left on E Mexico Ave to S Grant St. Continue to E Warren Ave, crossing into Rosedale at Evans. Take a left on Warren. Go south on S Logan Ave to the entry into Harvard Gulch Park.

Continue southwesterly through the park past the Field House to the south toward the SE corner of the park. Enjoy the actual gulch at the SE corner of the park, draining toward the west. Exit the park onto E Harvard Ave, continuing to the east.

Go north (left) on S Corona St. Cross back into Platt Park once you cross Evans, then turn left on E Asbury Ave. Take a right on Pearl St.

Continue north on Pearl, noticing Mayu Sanctuary on the right. Continue up Pearl Street, stopping in shops and enjoying the neighborhood. Along here is where the Farmers’ Market is on the weekend. At E Iowa Ave, take a left.

At S Logan Ave, turn north (right) along Grant Park. On the corner of Logan and Florida, enjoy the Decker Library, then turn left on Florida. Return back to your start at Grant.

Click here to see the route, map, and turn by turn directions.