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During this challenge, you will…

Discover Denver’s best trails.

Meet lesser-known Denver neighborhoods.

Find fabulous art.

Learn Denver history.

Stumble upon great Denver landmarks.

Hike in forests.

Walk around lakes.

You’ll walk almost 100 miles.

You’ll appreciate Denver from
a pedestrian point of view.

You’ll download the 30 Challenges. Each has maps, directions and instructions for completing each challenge.

You’ll have lots of fun.

Imagine being able to show your friends…

Where Denver started.

How the High Line Canal works.

What a barn dance is.

Why Denver streets are cattywompus.

Or where Neal Cassady told time.

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You’ll finish your 30-day challenge with an awareness of Denver that goes beyond what most Denverites know.

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And you’ll enjoy yourself immensely.

Great for Denver natives, locals, and visitors alike!

What do you need?

A good pair of walking shoes.

A water bottle.

Maybe a friend or two to join you.

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With 30 Ways to Get to Know Denver,

do a challenge a day,

or one a week,

or five in a weekend.

Whatever works for you.

It’s your schedule.

Where will you go?

Famous landmarks, off-the-beaten-path locations, popular trails, uncommon neighborhoods.

Union Station, Confluence Park, Five Points, Stapleton, Denver International Airport, City Park, Morrison Park, Highland, Harvey Park, Washington Park, Platt Park, Babi Yar Park, 17th Street, Molly Brown Museum, Capitol Hill, Red Rocks, Lowry, Ruby Hill, Inspiration Point, Bluff Lake Nature Center, DC Burns Park, Four Mile Historic House, Corwina Park, Park Hill, 9 Creeks Loop Segment 1 (Globeville), Cheesman Park, Auraria/La Alma, Bonnie Brae Belcaro, La Raza and Cesar Chavez, and Civic Center Park

Been to these places before?

It’s time to go again.


Download the Challenge now!

The first 10 challengers to finish the challenge
get a copy of The Best Urban Hikes: Denver by Chris Englert.

Chris has walked every Denver neighborhood, hiked every Denver Regional Trail, and played in over 165 Denver Parks. She is the authority on Denver by foot. No one else knows Denver like Chris knows Denver. Now she’s sharing it with you.

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Enjoy all of it.

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Because Denver is awesome.

It’s waiting for YOU.

To walk.

To have fun.

To enjoy.

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10% of all proceeds go to
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(Note: Some locations may have admission fees which are not covered by The Denver By Foot Challenge.)