9 Creeks Loop Segment 7 Miles 30-35 New Trail, New Creeks

Trailhead: Garland Park (6300 E Mississippi Ave, Denver, CO 80224)

Trailend: Sunken Gardens Park (1099 Speer Blvd., Denver, CO 80204)

Highlights: Cherry Creek, 4-mile House, Goldsmith Gulch

After enjoying a wonderful 4th of July with my family, I decided it’d be fun to walk the 9 Creeks Loop Segment 7 Miles 30-35 as the fireworks approached. I figured I could walk another five miles before the evening festivities while also digesting some homemade, Bing cherry ice cream. My husband said he could amble for a few miles as well, and my friend Dawn decided to join our jaunt. Thus, we returned back to the Eloise May Library off Florida and then down to Iliff where the High Line Canal Trail tunnels under on its way to Cherry Creek Trail.

9 Creeks Loop Mile 30 Cherry Creek Golf Course

9creeks eatwalklearnWe set out in 89 degrees and quickly came upon the Cherry Creek Country Club Golf course. The asphalt trail parallels the golf course with nice vistas of giant houses to our right and nicely appointed apartments to our left. No one golfed on the course–we figured it might be closed for the holiday. Several folks greeted us along the way, including dog walking couples, training marathoners and competitive bike riders. The population definitely changed once we traversed Iliff, with folks being much more serious about their exercise.

To watch footage of this mile, watch this video.

9 Creeks Loop Mile 31 Approaching Cherry Creek Trail

9creeks eatwalklearnTo our surprise, all of a sudden, we ambled upon the Cherry Creek Trail. Our first hint was the large, odd, cement structure on our left. After investigation, we determined that the High Line Canal diverted through this structure under the Cherry Creek to the south. Right past the structure, the Cherry Creek offered up a cool respite of flowing water, trees, and even a bench. Signage directed us south on the High Line Canal Trail or west to the Cherry Creek North Trail. Excited to leave the High Line and enjoy a new Trail, we headed to the right, picking up the 6th of our creeks, the Cherry Creek.

To watch footage of this mile, watch this video.

9 Creeks Loop Mile 31 Continuing along Cherry Creek Golf Course

9creeks eatwalklearnImmediately the Cherry Creek’s atmosphere changed. Where the High Line sported casual walkers and evening strollers, the Cherry Creek became a race way. Anything that was moving was moving quickly. We heard “on your left” repeatedly and aggressively as we moseyed along. Since we were three folks, we turned ourselves into a single file in order to keep from being run over by cyclists. At times, we even exited the concrete path and used the goat trails on either side of the path. Despite the speed of the Cherry Creek’s travelers, we continued along at our 3 miles per hour, marveling at the giant size of the homes along the golf course across the creek to the north.

To watch footage of this mile, watch this video.

9creeks eatwalklearn9 Creek Loop Mile 33 Under Iliff Again

9creeks eatwalklearnAs we left Cherry Creek Golf Course, we crossed over the creek, where we stopped and watched a family of baby ducks learn to navigate a small waterfall. Laughing that all the folks rushing by us were missing such a treat, we continued on. Shortly, the feeling of the Loop changed again. No longer surrounded by posh golf course living, a barbed wire fence bordered the Loop, which was soon replaced with a chain linked fence. To our distance on the right we could see building materials across from the hidden creek.

To watch footage of this mile, watch this video.

9 Creeks Loop Mile 34 Industrial Cherry Creek

9creeks eatwalklearnAlthough folks continued to speed by, we enjoyed the views along the creek. To our left, businesses and industrial buildings replaced residences. A strong smell wafted up our noses signifying some type of waste processing on our left. Luckily though, the smell permeated for only a block or so, and we were back to enjoying the sight lines down the creek. Several ravines cut deeply, signifying recent flooding.

To watch footage of this mile, watch this video.

9 Creek Loop Mile 35 An Unexpected Creek

9creeks eatwalklearn
While wondering through the industrial area of mile 34, we all giggled about how we had no idea where we were. While driving, we would easily be able to locate ourselves, but while meandering along the Loop, we were virtually lost….and enjoying every bit of it. While talking about how many creeks we had passed, at this point 6, we found ourselves on a bridge crossing a waterway. To our left, we could see a new creek joining the Cherry Creek! After some googling and a bit of research when I got home, I discovered an uncounted creek on our 9 Creeks Loop, the Goldsmith Gulch (whose creek is also known as Goldsmith Gulch.) Bravo! Should I remain the 9 Creeks Loop to the 10 Creeks Loop?

We jumped up to the street level to find Garland Park for our exit from segment 7 Miles 30-35 of the 9 Creeks Loop, ready to return the next day for segment 8.

To watch footage of this mile, watch this video.