Chub Rub. Chaffing. High Thigh Cry.

You may not know it by its name, but most of us have it.

It’s the uncomfortable rubbing at the top of your thighs between your legs, below your girlie parts. You know, where your legs rub together producing chaffing and uncomfortableness.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ve got “the gap.” This article is not for you.

We All Get It

Women get it. Men get it. All ages and sizes get it. I get it.

Chub rub has stopped many a good walker in her tracks. It’s embarrassing. There are many cures–get Power Glide, use deodorant, wear panty hose. But who wants to do all that?

Avoid Chub Rub

The secret to getting around chub rub is good clothing picks. After walking thousands of miles, I have come up with my favorite anti-chub rub products, and I highly recommend them to anyone who asks.

Skorts for Chub Rub

If you’ve walked with me more than once, you’ve likely seen me in my coveted and very loved skorts. I only wear one brand. Skirt Sports.  I used to wear Athleta, but I changed, because Skirt Sports is a better product and made by a local Colorado company.

I love Skirt Sports for many reasons. First, they stay put on my thighs and eliminate chub rub. They come in multiple lengths, each style has great pockets, and they are all super cute. I mean really cute. The styles I like the best are the Gym Girl and the Lotta Breeze Capri. Both have enough pockets to hold my large phone and my wallet along with a secret hole for my headphone wire.

Most people, including me, wear Skirt Sport skorts for running, walking or hiking. But I also wear them for travel. They are the perfect hands-free option to stash your passport on the left side and your phone on the right, leaving your hands free for a yummy lulu freeze in Colombia or an empanada in Chile!

Shorts for Chub Rub

When I’m not wearing a skort, I’m wearing a short. I wear skorts or shorts almost 5 months of the year when I walk. For shorts, I’m picky as well. The leg must be at least 5 inches long to eliminate it from skootching up my thigh, and the material must be heavy enough to have shape, but not too heavy to restrict movement. I’m sure many sports apparel companies have convinced us all that we should be wearing their nylon options, but I love a good cotton short. And, I don’t spend a lot–I shop Old Navy Shorts.

Old Navy changes its inventory often, so when these shorts come into stock, I buy several pairs to get me through a few seasons. Right now I have beige, pink, and blue pairs. What I like about these shorts, too, is that they look good enough for going on a walk and then out to a casual dinner.

Tights for Chub Rub

Call them tights, workout pants, yoga pants…I think we all use different terms interchangeably. I’m talking about the close fitting, nylon-elastic blend pants that conform to your body and flex to its movements. Some folks wear Lulumon, Prana, Target…I wear the compression Heat Gear products from UnderArmour. What I like best about their capris, which is my favorite length, is that they don’t pill. I’ve had my UnderArmours for over two years, which is a good several hundred miles, and I’ve yet to see any wear or pilling. Plus, the pants stay up. I don’t have to constantly pull at the waistband to keep them on my body.

Welcome to my Closet

I did a video on how I organize my closet. What you see in there are lots of the products above plus a few tshirts from Target. I really hope these suggestions help you find the clothing you need so there are no obstacles for getting out on the trail.

What are you wearing?

~See you on the trail,