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First, Let’s Have Fun

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Cartoon by Ryan Grange. Used with permission.

You’ve got to love a neighborhood that will poke fun at itself. Even though Harvey Park (and its southern neighbor Harvey Park South) could easily take on airs, it doesn’t. Rather, it’s a fun, welcoming neighborhood full of variety situated west of College View. The two neighborhoods split at Yale, with a northern boundary of Jewell, a southern boundary of Hampden and western and eastern of Sheridan and Federal.

More than Mid-Centuries

harvey park south urban hiking eatwalklearn

Harvey Park and Harvey Park South have local reputations for having the best collection of mid-century homes. Think George Jetson meets California. Influenced or actually designed by architect Cliff May, you can find gorgeous original, mostly single-story homes graced by carports and jutting angles. But what many people don’t know is that the Harvey Parks have several lakes, an historic college campus, and homes ranging from the 40s to now.

Merry-Go-Rounds and Teeter Totters

harvey park south urban hiking eatwalklearn

The last time I saw a merry-go-round was 2006 in Scotland. I didn’t think any existed in the US anymore until we stumbled upon the Lakeside private playground. Tucked into Harvey Park’s southwestern corner sits Wolcott Lake and its own private park with merry-go-round and even a teeter-totter! Plus, there were horse swings from the 60s. I personally hope the entire playground gets preserved as an historic district because it certainly was a journey to my childhood.

The Church Calls Polynesia

harvey park south urban hiking eatwalklearn

Also playing the mid-century architectural game was the local Trinity Lutheran church. Throwing a shout to Kon-Tiki and Polynesia, the church fits right into the overall feel of the neighborhood.

A Comfy Time Warp

harvey park south urban hiking eatwalklearn

Even though many Denver neighborhoods claim certain decades–and many of them are from the 40s–it was a treat to find a neighborhood only about the 50s. Yes, there were some homes from the other decades, but the entire feel and heartbeat of the ‘hood was 50s, maybe a few 60s, and a bit of the 70s. A roadside diner would fit right in, and it would be a place to grab a shake and spin a record.

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