Still Here!

urban hiking jefferson park denver eatwalklearn

Close to the oldest neighborhood on the uplands side of Denver, Jefferson Park has gotten lost in the LoHi, LoDo noise of its nearby neighborhoods. But the last decade has turned this neighborhood of mostly renters to a neighborhood highly sought after, and it’s having the last laugh.

A Giant Park and Close to Downtown

urban hiking jefferson park denver eatwalklearn

Jefferson Park has big neighbors–Mile High Stadium, the Children’s Museum, and the Denver Aquarium. Elitch is across the Platte (although Elitch Gardens is part of Auraria), and next door in Highland are plenty of places to eat. Right in the middle of the neighborhood is a large park, Jefferson Park, named after the President and also once destined for an auditorium. But the citizens organized, fought city hall, and now they’ve taken on beautification.

Old, New, In Between

urban hiking jefferson park denver eatwalklearn

Like many of the neighborhoods that touch downtown Denver, Jefferson Park hasn’t escaped the scrape and replace development that good locations breed. Many old homes still stand, and most homes are modest, multi-family, or high density. Different than Highland, there are few large homes here.

Spin Me!

urban hiking jefferson park denver eatwalklearn

A landmark in the neighborhood is the Turntable apartments. Built as a Holiday Inn, it now homes 192 renters. We got a sneak peak inside the turntable-influenced lobby and the long-live-the-LP studio apartment. With great views and quirky throwbacks to the 70s, the apartment building still holds its iconic status.

Higher Ed Too!

Although I25 runs near its southern edge, pedestrians can quickly access downtown via 26th or 22nd, and they can also walk to Broncos games. Here’s our 3.8-mile route through this transitioning neighborhood that also homes a Community College of Denver campus.

The route:

urban hiking jefferson park denver eatwalklearn

Start in Jefferson Park, where the closest address is 2723 W 23rd Ave. Walk west to Eliot St, take a right. Continue to W 28th Ave, take a right. Take a right on Clay St.

Take a left on W 25th Ave then a right on Bryant. Take a left on W 23rd Ave.

Cross I25. At the Aquarium, cross 23rd to your right and go behind the Aquarium to the Platte River Trail. You’ll see Elitch Gardens across the river. Turn south or right on the trail.

Continue along the Platte River Trail, veering to right to go through the parking lot at Crescent Park and along the unnamed road that leads southwesterly under I25. You’ll come out at Mile High Stadium Circle. Turn northerly along the Circle, skimming the Stadium.

You’ll pass the Turntable apartments on your left. They’re friendly; go in and say hi and ask if you can see the model. When finished, continue north and take a left on Mile High Stadium Circle at Bryant.

Take a right on Decatur St. Go up through Jefferson Park, returning back to your start.

Click here to see the route, map, and turn by turn directions.