Lincoln Park Urban Hiking Denver

Animals might be the theme of Lincoln Park, also known as La Alma, neighborhood. With MaxFund on its eastern boundary and the Buckhorn Exchange on its western, both places show the variety of the neighborhoods and the surprises around every artistic turn of this central neighborhood. Bounded by W Colfax Ave on the north, W 6th Ave on the south, the Cherry Creek on the east and the S Platte River on the west, a 2.5-mile walk through Lincoln Park is quite enjoyable.

Who’s Looking at You?

Lincoln’s Park western edge of Osage was once the hangout for railmen and phone men. They installed this infrastructure during the day then hung at the Buckhorn and other rough and tumble salons at night–which explains why the Buckhorn holds liquor license number one for Colorado. Now the Buckhorn, with its upgraded clientele, is the last stop before entering the light rail station to downtown.

In Harmony and Mariposas

Moving easterly through the neighborhood, you’ll come across the Mariposa area. Once a place where folks avoided, it’s now a beautifully redeveloped income-qualified and market-rate housing complex with non-profits on the first floor servicing the community.

Talent Everywhere!

Next up on the easterly trek is the Santa Fe arts district. Be sure to come back on the First Friday of the month to catch the open gallery scene, and enjoy the district on this walk as well. You’ll be welcomed by colorful murals, eclectic galleries and cultural museums. Don’t miss the Su Teatro theatre, originally one of Denver’s first silent movie houses and now home to great Latin-influenced shows, community plays, and local entertainment.

A Tiger Crosses the Road…

No matter what streets you walk in Lincoln, a riot of colors will greet you on almost every available wall. You’ll eventually end up on the east side of the neighborhood at Sunken Gardens Park. Once the darling of the area with manicured gardens and flowing creeks, it’s now an open grassy park that welcome West High School kids and locals to lounge in the open space.

Interspersed between the history and the murals are homes from the Victorian area, smaller historic shotgun homes, and a mix of wooden and brick homes in between. Be sure to enjoy the wide range of architecture and art throughout the neighborhood.


The Route:

You’ll want to time your walk around the Buckhorn Exchange hours so that you can go in and look around this time warp, historic restaurant. It’s worth the effort. Park near 1010 Osage St.

Walk east along 10th Ave to the alley just before Santa Fe. Take a right in the alley, enjoying the artwork. At 9th Ave, take a left and then a right on Santa Fe. Enjoy the shops along the art district and stop at the Su Teatro theatre to see what’s playing.

Take a left on 7th Ave, then a right on Inca. Take a left on 6th Ave, walking by the historic St Joe’s.

Take a left on Fox then a right on 7th. At Delaware St, take a left. Walk past the Denver Health buildings and then into Sunken Gardens Park. Make your way across the field toward the sidewalk running diagonally along the park and next to Speer. Walk northwesterly along the sidewalk.

At W 11th Ave, take a left. At Galapago St, take a left. You’ll see the MaxFund on your right. If you have time, go inside and scratch a few dogs or cats.

Take a right on W 10th Ave, making your way back to Santa Fe. Take a right on Santa Fe and then a left on 11th. Continue on 11th to Osage. Pass Lincoln Park on your right and enjoy the murals and art at the rec center.

Take a left on Osage, taking you back to the Buckhorn. Take a tour or maybe even grab a bite to eat!

Click here to see the route, map, and turn by turn directions.

~See you on the trail