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Walking through Lowry is part aeronautical history and part urban redesign.

This neighborhood, bordered roughly by 11th Ave, Quebec, 1st, and Yosemite, with a jut to the west of Quebec, once housed soldiers who acquired technical skills to sustain Air Force operations through World War II, the Korean War, the Cold War and Vietnam. Closed in 1994, developers turned the old air field and its operation into a thriving mixed-use neighborhood. Here is where we enjoyed a 3.5-mile walk on our urban hike through Lowry.

Like Planes?

Many folks have visited Lowry by way of the Wings over the Rockies Museum. Or their children attend one of several private schools in the area, including Stanley British, Denver International, and Bishop Machebeuf High School.

What’s easy to miss is the large collection of artwork, the restored military buildings and hangars, or even the church where Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower visited while enjoying summer respites here in Denver.


One of the sweet joys in Lowry is the Denver Sister City of Ulaanbaatar Park. Honoring the fact that Denver has the largest Mongolian population outside of Mongolia, Denver and Ulaanbaatar share an annual student exchange program and foster international trade.

From Reservoirs to Planes to Duplexes

No matter what you’re looking for in Lowry, there’s quite a variety to uncover. There’s even a reservoir where birding is best in the Fall, and you can catch some amazing Fall color in the grasses.

The Route

Start at Wings over the Rockies (7711 East Academy Boulevard Denver, CO 80230-6929). Go north along Spruce St, taking a right on E 1st Ave. Cross over Uinta Way and walk through the soccer field or along its sidewalk to the south toward the Great Lawn.

When you reach the Great Lawn, head north along any of the sidewalks or trails. You’ll make your way to the Lowry Sundial, a giant sundial commissioned by the Lowry Foundation.

Head north along the west side of the reservoir. This is a great place to go birding in the Fall. At Trenton St, just before 11th, turn left.

Follow Trenton to 8th Ave, and walk through Crescent Park. Turn left on Roslyn St.

Continue south on Roslyn St to E 5th Ave, making your way to the City of Ulaanbaatar Park. Turn to the right, passing Stanley British School. At Quebec, go left.

Cross Quebec at E 2nd Ave, walking into the Lowry extension on the west side of Quebec. Turn left on Oneida Court, noticing the changes in the houses on the corners of Oneida and E 1st Ave.

Take a left on E 1st Ave. Cross Quebec. At Roslyn, turn right. Or, if you’re wanting to do a bit more discovery, walk to the left up the Eisenhower Church.

Continue south on Roslyn, and it will turn into E Academy Pkwy. Continue along the parkway until you return to Wings over the Rockies, where you can pop in for a quick visit.
Click here to see the route, map, and turn by turn directions.

What did you enjoy about this walk? What was your favorite artwork?

See you on the trail