Southmoor Urban Hiking Denver

Sitting between Cherry Hills and I25 can’t be easy. At one time, Southmoor was part of the South Hampden neighborhood. They split off, becoming Southmoor. Shaped like a sideways bow tie, the neighborhood’s north homes neatly trimmed yards, and its southern neighbors live in multi-family dwellings. In the middle is Jefferson High and the Denver Water Hillcrest facility. We meandered the neighborhood on a gorgeous day.

It’s a long neighborhood. From one end of the bow-tie to the other is over 5 miles. Happy Canyon Road becomes Monaco halfway through the neighborhood and it makes roughly the western boundary. I25 is the eastern boundary, Hampden is the northern boundary and Belleview picks up the southern side. Although separated by the interstate, Southmoor does buddy up with Hampden for a neighborhood association.

Walking the neighborhood took some logistical expertise; there’s not really a good way to walk north and south except along Happy Canyon. Within the subdivisions, roads curve to other roads, making an east-west walk become circular. None the less, we were able to pick up another 3.5 miles even though we had to double back on Happy Canyon.

From custom homes to some slightly renovated and many 1970/80s Brady Bunch style homes, it doesn’t appear that much has changed in the northern neighborhood. The southern neighborhood is caught up in the hustle-bustle of Denver living and has quick access to DTC.

The route:

Start at 3616 S Forest Way. Walk east to Happy Canyon Road, take a right. Go northerly to S Eudora Way, take a left. At S Dahlia St take a left.

Take a left on Mansfield Ave, then take a right on Happy Canyon Rd. Follow Happy Canyon past Jefferson High and Jefferson Square Park to the Quincy intersection.

Notice the development and apartments to the south, the bridge that crosses i25 into Aurora, and the easy access to DTC.

Turn around and go back up Happy Canyon Rd.

At S Jersey St, take a right. Stay on Jersey to S Hillcrest Dr. Take a left. At E Ithaca Pl, take a left.

Take a left on S Ivanhoe, pass the Hebrew Educational Alliance. Cross S Holly St and you’ll be on E Jefferson Ave.

Stay on Jefferson, which will turn into S Forest Way, bringing you back to where you started.
Click here to see the route, map, and turn by turn directions.

Let me know if you liked this urban hike. What was interesting about it?

~See you on the trail, Chris