The Walk Your Kid to School 1-mile Radius Challenge

With school starting and the temperatures in Denver pleasant, why not do two things to start the school year as we all head back to school?

First, walk your kids or grandkids to school.

Second, take the 1-mile radius challenge.

Wake Up and Walk

Wouldn’t it feel great to get a few steps in with your kid before school started? It doesn’t take that long to walk.

Set that alarm just a few minutes earlier, and you can probably find the time you need to walk your kid to school. Shoot, it might even be faster than driving to the kiss n go lane, waiting in line to drop, dropping, and driving away.

Or, if you can’t afford the extra few minutes to walk your kid, how about at least parking a few blocks away and walking with your child the last few blocks rather than idling in the kiss n go lane?

Need some evidence that walking your kid to school is good for you and your kid?

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Wondering if your kid is old enough to walk alone?

Read Walking and Biking to School.

How should your kid walk to school?

Get a buddy and read Should Your Child Walk to School?

Is the route safe to school?

Read Safe Routes to School.

Got anxious kids?

Read Anxious Kids? Let Them Walk to School.

Take the 1-mile Radius Challenge

Finally, if you’ve gotten the itch to walk to school, there are other locations within a mile or two of your house where you can also walk. Take the 1-mile radius walking challenge (click for instructions.) Maybe you’ll find some things to do with your kids by foot on the way home from school, too.

Discover your neighborhood by foot.

Let me know how it goes!