Denver Escape Plan this Summer

With the summer upon us and the ever need to wanderlust, here are some suggestions for quick get-a-ways from Denver that don’t involve going west on I70. Your kids will love them too.

Just Down the Road

painted mines eatwalklearn

Painted Mines Interpretative Center: A quick day trip to the east, you’ll love the colors and adventure this kid-friendly get-a-way provides.

A Bit Further

Carhenge: A good weekend trip in western Nebraska, you can also see two national historical monuments, Scott’s Bluff and Chimney Rock. Adults will love the old cars, and the kids will love the prairie life re-enactments.

Keep Going

Mount Rushmore: It may be dead presidents cast in stone, but did you know there’s a treasure hunt for old secrets in the base of the statue? Kids will also love the surrounding areas. If you have time, be sure to add on Badlands National Park, where you can hike a trail that has a 20-foot ladder.

And Back Home Again

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Bison Round-up (a short trip on i70): Did you know there are several herd of bison within the Denver city limits? Make a day trip out of visiting all of them and enjoy a good outdoor adventure along the way at Rocky Mountain National Wildlife Refuge.

Where are you going this summer?

See you on the trail.


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