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Denver’s First Red Rocks, Ruby Hill

With a gold rush upon Denver, early claimers eagerly mined for whatever they could find. Whether it was gold on Cherry Creek or rubies on Ruby Hill, the early adventurers scrambled to find the first evidence of buried wealth. On Ruby Hill, what folks actually thought were rubies turned into garnets. None the less, Ruby Hill was born.

Fast Grows Ruby Hill

Yet after its red rocks appeared, Ruby Hill disappeared from favor. Becoming the city dump and then a forgotten area of Denver, Ruby Hill hid in the shadows of faster growth elsewhere in the city. With a spectacular view of downtown, sitting on the banks of the Platte River, it’s a surprise that the neighborhood didn’t find itself until the 1940s. Then, World War II housing spread as fast as it could up and down the hill.

A Gulch and a Railyard

Now, it’s a mecca for anyone who loves the outdoors. With the wonderful Sanderson Gulch running through it, Ruby Hill is a winter wonderland of outdoor activities on the hill where sledders dash downwards and snowboarders famously try out their newest tricks in the Railyard.  This neighborhood also plays hosts to the Levitt Center, home of 50+ free concerts a year, and it makes a wonderful back drop for a super 3.5-mile walk.

The Route:

Start at 1523 W Arkansas Ave. The Sanderson Gulch goes under Arkansas and you’ll see a ramp down to it. Take the ramp to the north, windy northeasterly along Sanderson Gulch.

The trail will take you to Lipan, where you’ll walk south along the sidewalk and then cross W Florida Ave into Ruby Hill Park. You’ll be walking on the road, taking it up to the snack pavilion.

Continue on the trail up the hill to the overlook pavilion and enjoy amazing 360 degree views of downtown Denver to the east. After you’ve finished viewing Denver, take the trail past the Railyard (if it’s up in the winter) and around the hill, taking you to the west side of Ruby Hill.

Exit Ruby Hill Park onto W Mexico St, walking along the sidewalk to S Decatur St.

Turn right on Decatur, and this will dead end at Sanderson Gulch. Jump back on the Gulch, taking it to the right. At Arkansas Ave, exit the Gulch to your beginning spot.

Click here to see the route, map, and turn by turn directions.

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